The fear of scarcity

There is no shortage of things that elicit a fear response. Simply turning on the television, opening the newspaper or scrolling through social media channels, you’ll surely suffer ocular whiplash with the number of headlines about the impending doom of nuclear warfare, climate change or civil unrest; however, there’s a seemingly quieter fear lurking just below the surface. A fear that slowly but surely tears … Continue reading The fear of scarcity

If you protect yourself, you’ll never be free

I’ve been dissecting this quote, ad nauseam, for the past year: “If you protect yourself, you’ll never be free” It’s about removing the amor society has conditioned us to wear. It’s about finding the strength in surrender. It’s allowing yourself to be fully seen, heard and affected. It’s about vulnerability.  Admitting you’re afraid. Admitting that you don’t know.  Admitting that you care.  To say the topic … Continue reading If you protect yourself, you’ll never be free

What if the “right time” never comes?

How much time, or how much of our lives, for that matter, do we spend waiting? I’d venture to say…a lot. Waiting creeps its way into the minutiae of our everyday lives, creating innocent lulls in activity while waiting in line for coffee or at a traffic light. Waiting tends to wriggle its way between us and bigger life decisions like waiting for the “right … Continue reading What if the “right time” never comes?

The myth of the singular path

Conventional wisdom tells us, something to the effect of, “the way to achieve a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life is to find and live your ‘true’ passion”. This idea is fundamental to a variety of newly (ish) formed philosophical approaches to living, everything from the non-conformist, “Do What You Love (DWYL)” movement to digital nomadism. This wisdom is helpful only if you subscribe to the … Continue reading The myth of the singular path

Do you have initiative fatigue?

Initiative fatigue. It’s a thing! Admittedly, in a fit of delusion, I thought there was a chance (emphasis on chance) I may have accidentally coined the term, but thanks to the power of interweb searching, I’ve learned the idea of initiative fatigue has already been defined for education leaders. Seeing as I’m not in academia, I decided to remix the existing definition to better match … Continue reading Do you have initiative fatigue?