Welcome to authentIQ.

I’m Lauren Hofmann and I’m adding my humble, new voice in the blogosphere to use words to inspire change. This is my attempt to better understand people, places and phenomena that can empower us to live our lives more authentically – thereby increasing our authentIQ.

I wholeheartedly believe authenticity is a powerful form of currency that, when exchanged, create immeasurably richer lives, both professional and personal. authentIQ is my commitment to living with eyes wide open because,  let’s be honest, sometimes it’s easier to bury our heads, cover our ears or close our eyes.



I’m focusing on 3 areas:

PEOPLE: these posts feature humans that I consider to be changemakers, do’ers and bold leaders that are swoon worthy!

PLACES: no perfectly staged selfie’s, run-downs of who I wore or what I packed here! This content is less about viewing travel as a conquest by checking a country “off your list” and more about discussing the real impacts of travel and lessons learned.

PHENOMENA: a catch-all for observations, experiences, debunking things misunderstood, and the occasional obscurity.

About Lauren

Professional Life

  • Cofounder & COO of QSPACES
  • Founder of Hofmann Consulting
  • Visit Work With Me and LinkedIn for details

Personal Interests

  • Meaningful conversations with few boundaries
  • Travel that breaks barriers and challenges biases
  • Doing things that make me (healthfully) uncomfortable


Let’s get real together.